Yorkshire Regional Runners Up 2018 Solutions for the Planet

On Friday 11th May the following students participated in the annual Solutions for the Planet completion at the University of Leeds.

The students have been busy over the past few weeks developing their idea to take forward and present to a panel along with a short statement about the problem they have chosen to tackle and how they came up with this idea for their Big Idea Business Plan.

This is what they wrote for their presentation: â€œWe have chosen to tackle the problem of (mainly) water contamination but also in the near future, we will we working on problems such as lack of shelter and food.

In places such as Africa, children travel miles to get water and most off the time, the water is dirty. Once these children have this dirty water, it is a struggle to get the water back to their homes. This is a big problem because everyday it is estimated 5,000 children die from unclean water. Our solution is a service which makes products (such as our backpacks) which helps tackle this problem as it is a portable backpack which cleans the water and makes it easier to carry. At the same time, we are also helping waste in our oceans as we will be taking plastic bags, bottles and various other plastics out of the ocean to make into our products. Did you know an estimated 2.2 tons of plastic packaging waste was generated in 2014. Our products will be made out of around 90% recycled materials.

As we are a service, we want to solve this problem. We will do this by making multiple products such as the life package – the backpack. Our problem is very serious and we hope we can solve it with our big idea.”

Solutions for the planed runners up

Scarlett Eyre, Lilian Bingham, Ruqayya Mahmood, Katie Lanigan, Alexsandra Stasiak and Patrick Armitage and they called themselves G.I.F.T.E.