ASTO Small Ships Race - 2018


Association of Sail Training Organisations

The annual Small Ships race starts off Cowes. This race for smaller Sail Training vessels is organised by the Association of Sail Training Organisations based in Gosport. This is a youth event where at least half of the crew on each vessel need to be between 12 and 24 years of age. It takes place on the first Saturday in October each year and this year will see nearly 200 teenagers take part.

Date(s):  October - 1st to 7th October
Cost:  £500 per person
How to fund your voyage with our help!
Voluntary Contribution - £200
Individual funders - £150
Sponsored event - £150

Sail Training is a fun and exciting adventure. Sailing offshore as part of a team that is responsible for the running of the boat will open a whole new world of challenges, skills and discovery. You don’t need any previous sailing experience as the staff on board will teach you everything you need to know.  You will meet new people and work together to set sails, steer, keep watch and even cook. Together you will meet the challenge of the sea.

If you are interested please contact Mr Tony Walker

ASTO is supported in its work by many charitable organisations, including Trinity House, the James Myatt Memorial Trust and Sail Training International, amongst others.