Retreat to Ampleforth


Our retreat this year was at Ampleforth which is a Benedictine Abbey in North Yorkshire. It is in a fabulous location with great views over a valley with lots of grounds. The weather was fantastic so we spent much of our free time outside chatting, playing and generally just enjoying the sunshine.

student and Father

We were greeted by Fr Bede who is a monk who has led many retreats for our school over the years. We had several sessions with him and we really enjoyed his stories which made us think about our own lives too.
He talked about family and forgiveness, and one thing we particularly remembered was that - “Being a Catholic is all about taking risks” - but in a  positive way.

Our time at Ampleforth enabled us to “reconnect” with our faith. We had time for reflection, where we could think by ourselves and how we could become better people. We also had the chance to have a one to one with a monk for either a blessing, to ask him questions, or even to go confession.

Ampleforth was a great experience. We have made new friendships and have got closer to the friends we already had. We all had a chance to think and reflect on ourselves.  We were blessed to have wonderful friends and staff to accompany us on our trip.   

Report by Franz Cajayon Yr9 and Daniel Villanueva Yr9