Cheerleading World Championships 2018

Brogan Pascall

Yr10 student Brogan Pascall Placed 15 in the World made it to finals! Brogan had the following to say about her cheerleading career: “I started cheerleading at the age of 8, and worked hard continuously to get to the Cheerleading World Championships in America... 6 years later I was lucky enough to have been picked for Aviators Allstars Cheer to attend The Cheerleading Worlds. It was an experience of a life time, and it made me realise hard work really does pay off. We placed 15th out of 34 on day one and even qualified for finals on day two, which was a massive achievement for me. It was a dream come true and an
experience of a life time”.

Mrs Khan yr10 progress leader said “her commitment and hard work have been second to none which I am really proud of. She is a real role model to any that have aspirations to do something outside the ordinary and really shine at it.
Congratulations Brogan”.