Year 10 Summer Work

Dear Parents and Guardians,
It has been an intense year of work for our year 10s and they have risen to the challenges of GCSE commendably. However, there is still lots to do!

Summer Work
So as to avoid losing their hard gotten gains we would like the students to take part in a GCSE pod challenge. Students are to take their anthologies home for the summer and annotate them listening to the pod. There are lots of straightforward multiple choice questions to do and there will be prizes for those who manage to use the pod most. For those who have struggled to understand the poem or have left them unannotated, there will be directed workshops in the first weeks back in C10:

London 10th Sept
Remains   17th Sept
Kamikaze24th Sept
Prelude 11th Sept
Poppies   18th Sept
Bayonet Charge   25th Sept
My Last Duchess 12th Sept
Tissue       19th Sept
Checking out Me History 26th Sept
Exposure 13th Sept
War Photographer  20th Sept
Storm on the Island 14th Sept
The Emigree     21st Sept

If you need your password resetting, please email me on ASAP.

Attendance in year 11
There are few links to attainment that are as strong as attendance. Please do all you can to make sure that your son/daughter come to school every day unless they are sick or have a high temperature. It is really difficult to catch up especially as of September as many of the lessons in English will be double periods.  

Upcoming Trips
There are a number of trips taking place in the year ahead for year 11, all of which directly link to the English Literature GCSE that your daughter or son will be taking on May. The particularly challenging dimension of our GCSE is that they are not allowed the books in the exams but are required to know all the texts in great detail, including quotations. Seeing plays reinforces and reveals new interpretations but also enhances revision of the language. It is also a superb learning experience.

All trips are on a first come, first served basis. All trips will leave from and return to the Ardor site. Students may come in their own clothes to all trips except Macbeth but need to be wearing their lanyards. All trips are parentpay only. If money is a problem, please get in touch.

Stephen Daldry’s production of An Inspector Calls is fast becoming legendary. To accommodate very high demand, York Theatre Royal has added two extra dates. The coaches will be leaving Ardor on Monday 17th September at 3.45pm for a 7.30pm production which finishes at 9.10 returning at 10.30pm. There are 82 places. The last date for payment is the 6th September. The cost will be £20.

We are thrilled to invite you to see A Christmas Carol, which is playing at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. There are only 50 places available for the Wednesday 12th December. The trip leaves from school at 5.30pm and returns at 11pm. It will cost £19.

Poetry is an area of the GCSE where some of our students have worked particularly hard but have historically struggled. We are running a trip to the Royal Hall to Poetry Live in Harrogate to listen to several poets from the anthology deliver and discuss their work. This is a day trip taking place on Wednesday 30th January leaving at 9am from school and returning around 5pm. Students will need to bring packed lunches or money for food. It will cost £26.

Finally, Macbeth is coming to school in the guise of the truly excellent Young Shakespeare Company in the afternoon of Thursday 2nd May. It received the highest accolades from students just prior to their exams last year and costs only £6. I can’t recommend this highly enough for bringing the play to life. There are 200 places available.

We hope your son or daughter can join us for at least one of these.

A letter went out to approximately 60 students in my name at the beginning of July. This was an unintended administrative error for which I apologise.

Yours sincerely,
Sadie Hassell
English Teacher