Yr11 Examination Resuts Day Information

 Y11 Results Day - Thursday 23 August

From 9am in the Ardor Sports Hall.

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Please note that the exams office will not be available on results day to send results by e-mail or give them by phone. If you are unable to collect your results the following options are available;

  • Supply the exam officer with a stamped, addressed envelope and your results will be posted to you to be received on results day.
  • Give a member of your family/ friend / teacher permission to collect your results for you, they will need to bring with them a note of permission (texts are not allowed) and a form of ID. We can accept e-mails giving permission, but only if they are sent in advance of the day.

Any queries please contact the Exams Officer,
Mrs Pitts at apitts@sbsj.co.uk