House Day 1

Tug of war

New students, new site, new houses, new forms and a series of fantastic challenges  - what was not to like about House Day 1!! 

New Students - It was great to welcome our new Yr6 students onto our Ignis site for their first day at SBSJ. Anticipation and a few nerves soon turned into excitement as Mr Bentley introduced the new House competition.  Our Yr8 mentors guided the Yr6 students through a series of games and activities making them feel comfortable in their new House areas. These included cracking the code on a treasure hunt around the site before tucking into a special pizza lunch! It was lovely to see the developing friendships that will continue to blossom at the start of the new academic year in September.


New site - for the Yr9 students as they made their way to Ardor for the start of their Key Stage 4 education. They were impressed with the range of facilities at the upper school site - especially the opportunity to use the fabulous sports hall and fitness suite! The students enjoyed the chance to join up again with the year above who were keen to show them around.

New Houses - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul; let the competition begin! And what a great competition it was. Points were awarded throughout the day across a range of physical and mental activities. Each house settled into their unique areas of school and completed tasks in and out of their new form rooms. Every member of the school community had been allocated a House and this created a real buzz. 


New forms - The start of vertical! Our new family units will provided lots of additional benefits including leadership opportunities and academic support. Understandably there was a little apprehension from some students going into new forms with new tutors, however, this soon disappeared as new friendships were made all across the school.

Fantastic challenges - Generation game, balloon balance, quiz, tug of war, penalty shoot out, back-to back drawing, salt and pepper, bridge building and much more! 

The day culminated in the presentation of the inaugural house cup on the school fields. In a tense finale it was St John's House who were victorious. Wild celebrations and respectful applause highlighted the appetite for more House competitions in future. What a fantastic day!