Yr7 Arts Enrichment

7A Dance

As part of last weeks whole school enrichment week Yr7 students held their own Arts Award Celebration Showcase. They sent out many invitations to parents, visitors from Artsmark, Arts staff from local schools as well other interested parties who were curious to see a Platinum school. Everyone invited agreed to come, so the pressure was certainly on to ensure the performance was slick and worthy of a school with the many awards we have been issued.


Each form in year 7 had their own slot in the show. They each took to the stage presenting their act. The atmosphere was beautiful with a really supportive feel and a genuine sense of celebration. This was helped with the lovely buffet and cupcakes the canteen provided from our budget from the Arts Council. The whole showcase was led entirely by the 65 year 7 students who presented and performed with confidence and a true sense of pride. Many people commented on this afterwards and remarked at how lucky we were that if the students we showcased are our very youngest, then how impressive they will be as they progress through the school. The Arts staff couldn’t agree more!

This was then followed on Tuesday by our attempt to perform ‘The Greatest Showman’ in a day with just over 100 year 7 students – no mean feat! The students were split up in the morning into one of 4 workshops – dance, drama, band or vocals – and worked through preparing material for the showcase in the afternoon. Once again, they blew the staff away with their positive approach to the whole day. The showcase in the theatre was fantastic with all groups performing with ease and confidence. The students were very supportive of each other as they performed and demonstrated their skills with a real sense of passion.

the greatest show

Of course, these events do not simply happen without many hours of rigorous preparation and rehearsal which is where the Arts team come in – they all worked hard to ensure pieces were well rehearsed and fully prepared. On the day, those who were present pulled together as a united team to show off our students with pride. They truly are an amazing team and I feel honoured to work with them!

Report by Mrs R Voller

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