32 Students Reach the Grade

December Grading

On Saturday the 15th of December the Onna Ju-Jitsu Club conducted a grading with over 300 students. 32 students ranging from years 7 to 12 from St Bede’s and St Joseph’s graded for their white, yellow, green, blue and white, blue and purple belts. The excitement was electric!  All the students were an absolute credit to both the club and to the school. They worked with commitment and dedication to achieve this success and I am really proud of them all.

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Brown and white:

Zaynah Arooj, Thomas Knowles,  Daanish Qadeer


Kiera Oladipupo, Derek Omondi, Tom Gilmartin   


George Pantelides, Sumera Mazhar, Usman Tariq  


Alicianna Fadrilan, Adrian Bolivar, Emannuel Ong, Julia Szadkowska, Liam Dimaiwat, Maya Birara, Niamh (Neeve) Waterhouse, Sami Choudhry, Mishel Rehan  


David Akoli, Liam Guevarra, Raeesa Khokhar, Sam Hellmich, Cairan Harney


Danyal Hussain, Eliza Bacilio


Jayemm Oladipupo, Joel Clayton, Luis Plata, Shane Ocomen, Shaun Evangelista,  Sam Ong, Irina Osei