Year 7 Big Ideas Day

solutions in action

Year 7 students spent the day with the Solutions for the Planet team. During the day the students explored some of the many issues that our environment is now facing and what impact this is having on our wildlife, the ozone layer and natural habitats.  Then they set to work designing solutions to try and fix these problems in a bid to make a difference in the world. At the end of the session each group did a presentation to everyone. The ideas they came up with well thought out and the presentations were delivered with confidence and professionalism.

Claire FItton the Programme Coordinator for the North of England had this to say about the day.

It was an absolute pleasure coming to and working with students from SBSJ’s.  What an engaging bunch they are!  And the staff were some of the most engaged I have seen. 

We had some great feedback from the students on the day.  Here are some of the key comments: 

If you could use 3 words to describe the Big Ideas Day what would they be? 

Best day ever
Creativity/problem solving/exciting
Collaborative/solving/team building 

Today I met Solutions for the planet and learned ………… 

‘There are lots of problems, but we can solve them together.’
‘To believe in ourselves.’
‘About jobs in STEM and teamwork.’
‘That everything and anything is possible.’ 

The day made a real impact on our students, they produces so many brilliant ideas. Each group will now decide if they wish to develop their idea and take it into the next round.