Another great win for our Year 9 Netball Team

Y9 Netball Team

SBSJ 14  Titus Salts 13

The girls started off the game well and took an early lead.  They passed with accuracy and their movement off the ball was fantastic,  what we didn’t count on was the rather tall GA who when she got the ball in the circle was able to score every time.  By the end of the first quarter the score was 4-3 to Salts.  A reminder of the feeling of last week’s win was enough to spur them on.  This next quarter we needed to defend a bit closer and Alexia had to try and mark their GA out of the game.  The girls started the second quarter with a great burst of energy and scored 2 quick goals to take the lead, the marking in defence got better as Megan and Alexia made some brilliant interceptions.  Steph Miller was able to read the game well and was quick to get into useful spaces to help get the ball towards our shooters. All their efforts had been rewarded and we led 7-5 at half time. 

I had very little to say at half time as yet again the girls were on fire and playing their best netball.  Lucy Hinchcliffe was working her socks off as the C as the girl she was marking was very fast, however Lucy was able to react quicker when we were attacking and made some fantastic passes to feed the ball to the girls in the circle.  By this point Katie and Elin’s shooting was fantastic and they barely missed.  Our defense were still kept bust and although Salts were scoring goals the excellent marking was making it hard work for the Salts defence and they were getting frustrated. End of the third quart 11-9 to us. 

The final quarter was a test of fitness and who could hold their nerve the longest.  Emilia made some brilliant runs and created some space to allow our shooters again to get the ball.  With 40 seconds to go they reduced the lead to one goal.  Their centre pass, Alexia jumped in front of their player to get possession and this allowed us to get the ball towards out shooters.  Full time and we had managed to hold our nerve and win the game a fantastic effort. 

As Miss Dyson was umpiring the game I was able to sit and watch them play and it was a pleasure to watch.  They have been working so hard and have improved game on game. 

The team: Steph Miller, Alexia Mahere, Megan Markey, Lucy Hinchcliffe, Elin Harrison, Katie Monaghan, Emilia Overend.

Report by Mrs Broadley