Full House and Fantastic Reviews!


On the 23rd- 25th January 2019 SBSJ presented FAME in the Ignis theatre. The production performed to sold out audiences across all three nights and the students performed with passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. Individually there were some simply stunning performances but as a whole they really brought energy and life to the stage.

FAME is a musical classic… the pop-culture phenomenon about the legendary New York High School of the Performing Arts lives forever and was the obvious choice for our SBSJ whole school musical. We wanted a musical to really cater to the strengths of our students and I really felt FAME was the perfect choice based on the range of talented actors and dancers we have in our college.  

This year we had many new faces gracing our stage, from Year 8 all the way through to Year 11. From the dancers to the actors and not forgetting the talented band and of course it would not have been possible without our Sixth Formers helping backstage, in total we had over 80 students involved in the production. It was a real pleasure for all of the staff to guide and develop this new talent and watch our experienced performers flourish in new and challenging roles giving the musical a whirl.

I would like to thank the cast for making rehearsals so enjoyable. We have worked the cast very hard, they have never moaned and have smiled the whole way through, attending rehearsals with enthusiasm and passion; making rehearsals a real pleasure. They are one of the most talented and committed casts I have ever worked with and have committed to months of long rehearsals, even coming in on weekends.

As a team we were exceptionally proud of everyone involved... HUGE well done!!!! 

Mrs Sophie Staley


“I feel that I just have to write to say that I thought the show was simply extraordinary. It was like being in a time machine looking ten years into the future. The performances were so captivating that you completely forgot they were just teenagers. With the superb music and fantastic dance routines it was collectively so tight, yet with a conveyor belt of one stunning individual performance after another, like all the stars aligned in one place on one night. Maybe we should start calling our theatre the Alhambra, because that’s where I thought I was at times. Even if I was to live forever I might quite possibly never see a school performance as good as that again. You could say that last night the kids really did learn how to fly, and the great thing was that they took us with them too - and if I am being honest, I wasn’t really expecting that from a school production  So, many congratulations to all involved, students and staff alike. You should all be so proud of yourselves.”
Mr Doherty

“I attended the opening night of fame  and wow!! Such a mature, seamless, high energy, professional standard performance from the SBSJ students. The standard on show is down to the incredible hard work and perseverance  that the staff have put in!! 5 months in the making.”
Mrs Skipsey