289 Yr7 Students Pass their Bronze Arts Award


Congratulations to the 289 students in year 7 who have passed their Bronze Arts Award. The standard of work this year is fantastic and really demonstrates a strong engagement in the Arts from the students. I am very proud of the hard work from the staff who have created such great lessons and resources to enable the students to produce the work.

Comments from the moderators include: 

arts award discussion
  • This Arts Award offers a great base for exploring the Arts for this year group making it accessible for all abilities. Reflection from the young people is very good and shows their understanding. Your organization is excellent. Overall, this result is a reflection of all the hard work and commitment by al the staff.


The moderators spoke to a group of students who spoke very positively about their work in music, drama, dance and art which have all contributed towards their portfolios, as well as many of the attributes we strive to promote as a school.

Mrs R Voller