St John's House Celebration

St John’s House have been celebrating this week with those students in the Junior House who have maintained outstanding attendance and who have achieved over 100 House Points over the course of the year. A special mention needs to go to Dennis Weston-Beyer, Severn Annakin, Rose Walker and Silver Wardell who have each achieved over 200 House Points. All of the students celebrating this morning are a credit to our House, School and their families. It is an absolute delight to work with such enthusiastic and hard working young people who make such a brilliant contribution to school life. We are really proud of them all. As a House we have over 26,000 House Points. This is an amazing achievement. The students need to keep working hard and striving for as many house points as they can as we approach the final half term of the year. Let’s work together to try and take back the House Cup in the final House Day in July!