Important Information/Dates for Y11

Below you will find the final details and dates for your diary, that are important for our year 11 students as exams reach their conclusion, and our Year 11 students have their long summer break.   

Donations of SBSJ Uniform, Revision Guide Rebates, Y11 Closing Liturgy and Assembly, Y11 Graduation Ball, St Benedict’s Sixth Form Transition Evening, GCSE Exam Results Day.

Donations of SBSJ Uniform 

Throughout the last five years at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College, your children and yourselves have, on many occasions answered the call to think of others by donating and contributing to many charitable appeals.  Your support and generosity has been felt locally, nationally and internationally by supporting the work of The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Catholic Care, The Gianna Project and CAFOD, to name just a few. 

We have one final appeal before your child moves on either to St Benedict’s Sixth Form or to an entirely new setting. We would like to ask, if possible, that you could donate any items of school uniform back to the school.  Over the years, this has been something that has been done at both St Bede’s and St Joseph’s, to give out as spares when things get damaged, or to lend to students who forget things.  We also hope to offer a second hand uniform store so that families are supported in time of hardship and students can still attend in full uniform without paying the regular store prices. 

Your child is in the first group to finish year 11 in our new school and in the new design uniform and thus we would be really grateful for any uniform items that are in a useable condition could be brought in as they finish their exams.  This could be any item that you feel another person could use and includes any PE kit. 

If you would like to donate, please send any items to Mrs Smith in the St Luke House office on C corridor.

 Revision Guide Rebates 

Throughout years Ten and Eleven, many of our students have bought revision guides for many of their subjects, as encouraged by their teachers and supported by yourselves.  These revision guides are very useful and using them makes a real difference to the chances of success for our GCSE students.  Rather than throw them away, we are asking that students bring any unwanted revision guides that they have used, to their house office.  We will give a rebate of £1 per revision guide returned.  We are doing this so that we have, in each house, a bank of resources that can be offered to students who are unable to buy a full price revision guide, and also to ensure that students in Prep time are able to have access to relevant resources. 

Year 11 Closing Liturgy and Assembly 

Following the Physics examination on Friday 14th June, Year 11 students are invited to stay behind for refreshments in the canteen, followed by Mass and a closing assembly marking their five years as St Bede’s and St Joseph’s students.  This is the formal end of their time here (although a small number of students have an exam the following week) and we would like as many students as possible to be there and be fully involved.  Students will leave school early on that day (approx. 2pm) and will not be allowed to stay on site. 

St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Year 11 Graduates Ball 

Or Prom, as it is widely referred to, takes place on the evening of Friday June 21st in the McCall Suite at Valley Parade.  Tickets are £25, and are available to buy via parent pay or by cash to your Son/Daughter’s House office.  Tickets must be bought by Monday 10th June at 4pm.  No tickets can be bought after this deadline, nobody will be admitted to prom without purchasing a ticket.   

St Benedict’s Sixth Form Transition Evening 

This event takes place on Wednesday June 26th at Ardor.  It starts at 6.00pm and runs until 7.00pm.  It is vitally important that all students and parents who have been offered a place at St Benedict’s Sixth form attend as key information for enrolment is shared on this evening. 

GCSE Exam Results Day 

GCSE results will be distributed on Thursday 22nd August, from 9.00am in the Ardor Sports Hall.  Staff will be on hand to support and guide students as to next steps.  If you have any queries regarding exam results, or the process of getting them, please contact Mrs Pitts, Examinations officer, at the college, before we break for the summer holidays on Friday July 19th. If a student cannot collect the results themselves they must send an SAE to have their results posted to them or send a paper note giving a friend/relative permission to collect on their behalf – we will accept e-mails sent before the 22nd August but we will not accept a phone call or text as we need to keep a hard copy. 

I would like to close this letter by thanking you for your support during the last five years.  

If you have any queries regarding any of the information in this letter, please contact your Son/Daughter’s House office.