KS3 Christus Lumen Gentium Awards 2019


As each summer term draws towards its conclusion, we mark the achievements of our Key Stage Three students by presenting Christus Lumen Gentium Diplomas to all those that reach the required standard in the three strands of Scholastica, Ecclesia and Olympia. We also give out a range of special awards that recognise students who have excelled in those three strands or have contributed in a special way to our school. 

Now that we organise our school by means of a House system, rather than year groups, we are changing the way that the ceremonies are run.  The diploma presentations will take place in school time, and we will have one special Christus Lumen Gentium awards evening, where we invite the medal award winners from each house to a celebration event.  At this event the overall award winners are revealed and trophies awarded. 

This event takes place at Ignis, on Tuesday 16th July, starting at 6pm; please save the date.  Not all students are required to attend.  If your son/daughter is a medal winner at their House Awards day, they will bring home an invitation, and you will also receive a notification by text. 

Please contact your child’s House office should you have any further queries. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Yours sincerely

Mr C O’Donnell,
Deputy Headteacher