Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) UK Olympia

A Level Chemistry students entered the RSC UK Olympiad Competition. This involved a 3-round competition, ultimately leading to selection of a 4-member team to represent the UK at the International Chemistry Olympiad this years final being held in Paris in July.

The first round consists of 2 hours of written exams completed and marked in school. The questions were based on real world problems and provide a significant stretch and challenge for even the very best A-level students. As an indication of the challenge faced by students, only 8% of entrants receive the top Gold Award needing to score 28 out of 80 to achieve this with Bronze award students needing a score of 11.

With over 7000 entrants, 2019 was a record year for students taking part in round 1. I am pleased to report that with 3 students from our year 13 A2 Chemistry Course taking on the challenge, it was also a record year for participation by St Benedict’s students.

We are proud to report that 2 of our students achieved Bronze Awards this year. It is especially pleasing as the first-round competition takes place when our students are in the middle of our internal year 13 A2 exams in January. “It is a great credit to Ania, Teagan and Lucie that they were prepared to give up their own time and test their abilities beyond the normal syllabus.”