Science Trip To Holland


On Monday morning, we watched many students go off on trips for enrichment week waiting for the time when we could set off. Just after 10am, we got on the road heading for our first stop at the Deep in Hull. We had a session learning about how lots of animals and their defence mechanisms were the basis of super hero features. We wandered around the aquarium looking at lots of different aquatic organisms until we were ready to go aboard the ferry. The ferry was huge with 12 decks in total; we checked into our rooms and then went exploring some of the decks until it was time for dinner. The food on the ferry was amazing with lots of choice for us to try many different things, both dinner and breakfast. 

We had lots of choice on things to do on the ferry from cinema, live band, games areas, which kept us, occupied until the 11pm bedtime. Due to the hour we lost, it was a very early start for breakfast so that we could disembark ready for a full day of sightseeing!

We started off by visiting the Peace Palace (Hague) where war criminals are put on trial before heading to Corpus for an amazing trip inside the body! It was wonderful to link our classroom learning to the interactive journey looking from the inside as to how our bodies work.

We then went for lunch at Space Expo learning about what it’s like to be an astronaut and going into space. We got to see various sections of rockets that had come back from space as well as a big moon rock on our guided journey.

We then headed to a pizza place for a wonderful dinner, while some of us picked up an ice cream from the local McDonald’s for dessert. 

We were finally on our way to our 13th Century castle for our stay in Holland after a long and busy day we got ourselves sorted into our rooms, then exploring outside until bedtime.


Another early start and after breakfast we were on our way to Amsterdam, looking forward to going to the Anne Frank house and Nemo science museum. All students were very respectful whilst at the house, the staff who were talking to us about the history of the museum were very pleased on how knowledgeable many of our students were about Anne Frank and her family. 

We then went to the Hard Rock Café for dinner followed by a relaxing cruise on the canal resting our tired feet. We then headed back to our castle for our last night, although the coach breaking down wasn’t on our itinerary! We were stuck on the side of the motorway for around an hour, which didn’t help those who had drunk a lot on the canal cruise and needed the toilet!


On our last morning in Holland we got on our way after the students did a great job at leaving their rooms tidy before heading to a theme park called Walibi World where there were rides aplenty for them to enjoy.

Our final journey back on the ferry was an enjoyable ride after we ate dinner with not too many complaints about going to bed at 11pm – we must have tired them all out.

A big thanks to the staff that went on the trip for making sure the students were all safe but enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

E Bairstow