The Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma

At St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College we firmly believe that in order for our students to achieve successful outcomes at GCSE and beyond, we must inspire, challenge and support our young people throughout their entire journey with us.  We also are dedicated to recognising and celebrating the achievement of our students at the end of each and every school year.

With this in mind, this year we have launched the Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma with our new year 7 cohort.  The Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma provides a tangible outcome for our students to achieve and will allow us to celebrate the successes of our young people as they progress through their first year at our school

The aim of this diploma is to develop our students as

  • Happy

  • Confident

  • Spiritually awake young people with a sense of community

  • With a passion and a thirst for learning

    The Christus Lumen Gentium diploma is split into our three achievement strands. For our students to be successful in achieving the Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma, they must satisfy the criteria for each of the three strands.

    The strands are:

1.       ECCLESIA : (Spiritual, Community and Charity)  Where our students will contribute to the spiritual life of the school.  Students must contribute once per term to meet this strand.

2.       SCHOLASTICA: (Academic) Where our students will be challenged and supported to shine in all of their studies.  Students must be on or above age and ability expectations in all subjects to meet this strand

3.       OLYMPIA : (Co-Curricular) Where our students will be encouraged to participate in school life outside of the classroom.  Students must participate in a co-curricular activity once per term to meet this strand.

In addition to the three strands, as part of the diploma, our students will;

  • Sit external, online, English, Maths and Science tests early in the year, to provide up-to-date data on their starting points.  These tests will be retaken during the Easter term, to allow our students to show progress in each of these three core subject areas.

  • Experience ‘Public Speaking’ training and examinations with an aim to improve confidence and self-assurance

  • Compete for Arts and Young Leader Awards.

Successes will be recognised in our end of year celebration evening; the ‘Christus Lumen Gentium Awards’.  During this evening, students who have been successful in satisfying the criteria in each of our three achievement strands will be awarded the diploma. In addition, over 150 special awards for displaying excellence in our three achievement strands will also be presented.