Many thanks to Clare Wenham (nee Whelan) who brought us the following family photographs to add to our collection.

Father and Son Fountains Abbey 1966

I was recently contacted by Mike Peyton who was a pupil at St Bede's Grammar School, Bradford from 1960 until 1966 - following his father who was a pupil there from 1935 until 1942. Mr Peyton ended his career as a deputy headteacher in a mixed 14 -19 Catholic Comprehensive School in Suffolk.

Mr Peyton has kindly sent me the following article written in 2013 with some recollections of a father and son who both attended St Bede’s.

The recollections of two pupils; father and son

old school tie

Many thanks to Mr Swift for the donation of these wonderful items, we are hoping to create a showcase of artifacts such as these for both St Joseph' and St Bede's. 

If you have any old school memorabilia or photographs then I would love to see them and if possible add to our collection below. I am particularly interested in any pre 1970's. Please email to Mary Blythe