Information for Parents

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Mrs Foster and I would like to introduce ourselves to all parents of students who attend SBSJCC. Together we are the Welfare team, and we work alongside the Radiate team and all teaching staff to help to provide a safe environment for our students to work in.

Following their visit towards the end of the last school year OFSTED noted that, “The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Pupils feel well cared for and safe. Pupils know who to speak to if they have any concerns.”

It is reassuring to know that the pupils know how to access help in the College. We also feel it is important that our Parents and Carers know something of the work we do and how we may be able to support them as well as their children.

To this end we have created a Welfare Hub on our School Website. To access it go to the website and click on the menu button. The Parent info button will then lead you to our Welfare hub. We have placed a number of links there to various agencies and sources of information. Some are designed to support parents, some students and some both. For example, under the Self-harm button you will find two information leaflets, one for students and one for parents. Under Staying Safe Online you will find lots of information for students, but some parents may find the ”Think you know” button useful.

We hope to develop this further over time, and will inform parents via the school bulletin when we have added something that may be of interest.

Nick Parker
Helen Foster