Year 9 Options 2017

Please click on the booklet below to find details of this year’s options process for Y9 students.  It contains; 

  • A letter outlining how the process works this year

  • Details of each of the four pathways that all students have been allocated to

  • Details of every course that our school is offering to Y9 students 

    If families attended the Yr9 Curriculum Evening held in school on the 24th November then they will have received a personalised Option sheet stating which pathway your daughter/son has been allocated to.  This decision has been reached using student’s Key Stage 2 scores, their Key Stage 3 progress data and their recent CATS test scores. 

    If you could not attend then your Options sheet has been posted home and a copy of the booklet given to your daughter/son. 

    The deadline for all Option sheets to be returned to school is Monday 5th December 2016.  The sheets should be returned to student services. 

    If you have any questions about the process then in the first instance please contact your daughter/son’s Progress Leader Mr P Rhodes or Mrs M Hymas